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Performance you can feel immediately = Maximum fun.

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Why buy our fins? Because you will have more Fun. That's what its all about isn't it?
For many years now as Fin consumers we have been displeased with the offerings from Asia production as most fin companies main motivation is to make the cheapest fin they can sell, not the best riding fin. Recently, a few new fin "companies" have sprung up but its all just coming from the same place they just pump out a bunch of marketing hoo-ha and they don't even manufacture their own fins. So, we set out to make the best posisble fins and we have achieved significant performance gains over stock and aftermarket fins on the market. So, now we are at a point where we can share these performance fins with you. Its a difference you can feel immediately on your first run out. Everything becomes smoother and easier. Life is too short to ride poor quality fins. Try it and see what you've been missing.

"HatterasWeed" Windsurf Weed fins available in 17,23,25,27,29,33,35,38 cm sizes

By far the best Weed Fin in the World. Faster, Smoother, Planes sooner, Holds speed thru the jibe and points higher.
Everyone who has tried this fin cant believe how much fun it is and buys it.

Powerbox 17-29
Powerbox 33-38
USBox 17-29
TuttleBox 17-29
TuttleBox 33-38

Customer Reveiws....

"I got to try out your weed fin the other day. I have to say it goes dang good. Felt very efficient, fast, and great hold. Didn't feel like a weed fin at all." CT

"Got to sail the 27 cm fin today. Loved it, worked very well with a 3S 96 and a 7.0 m Matrix sail. " PR

"On the smallest board, I was having a ball with my brand-new weed fin from CNCFins - the best weed fin I ever sailed. I could not get that baby to spin out" PR

"Your fins are arrived this morning en zelf have do the test tis afternoon PERFECT !! GOOD JOB !! I have sail 7.8 end 120 board 35 Weed PERFECT !! en the 33 whit 7.0 Perfect! Zo now i kan make noise !!" Euro Customer:-)

"I was totally amazed not only with the all out board speed increase but the ability of this fin to drive me upwind compared to any other weed fin I had ever used. I came back in and said to Keith, "Is this really a weed fin?" It felt like sailing with a quality pointer race like fin which also turned like a wave fin! After sailing with it the rest of the day I was so impressed that I immediately ordered several for myself. " follow up report... "Had a great session at the Hole yesterday test riding my 27 cm HatterasWeed on my Tabou Pocket Wave with a 5.0. I know I had that board going faster than I ever had before and going upwind was so easy. Thanks for making such a great fin!!! " Chuck R.

HatterasWeed Fin Size     Sail Size

35 cm                                     7.8-8.5
33 cm                                     6.0-7.8
31 cm
29 cm                                     5.0-6.5
27 cm                                     4.5-6.0
25 cm                                     4.2-5.3
23 cm                                     3.7-4.7
17 cm                                     3.2-4.5

Most Wining Fin at the 2016’’ WindOBX Reef Race! in both overall and individual races.
2nd Place overall mens Open Class, 2nd Place Overall men Freeride class, 2nd place overall womens freeride class.


SUP Race "Mirage" 19,20,22,24,25 cm sizes available.
Secret Sup Race wining design.
Customer Reviews....

"Good tracking! Fast! Sign me up. Fin was also great in sprints. Was quicker and better off the line... And held the line. 10-12 strokes per side." Jay S.

" Magic, I love them" Travis Grant

"...just had another epic run today…Viento to HR in 1hr 12 min…one of my fastest with your fin.
So far, I’m in love with the feel, and it’s proven to be fast and maneuverable, the Mirage is a winner!"

"Your fins track extremely well and I really don’t need to change sides much, mainly just because I get tired and have to switch. They are super-fast, and on glassy flat conditions, I was able to gain speed on my GPS, over my standard fin paddling at the same heart rate and perceived effort! The Mirage has notable acceleration, especially when catching a bump. I've used the Mirage in what I would call medium size swell and it was very responsive and really allows you to steer the board and turn it in a dime! The stability of the Mirage is crazy for fin of this size! The 22cm fin is my favorite due to its amazing stability, its acceleration, its liveliness on a swell, and it’s automatic “self-corrective” properties when things get a little rougher." Dino

G10 Construction:
US box or Surf box 19,20,22cm...24,25cm

Big Swell Construction:
US or Surf box

Sup Race Fin Mirage with Travis Grant


Side Bites the way nature intended: Twisted, Toe'd and bent off just like a windsurfing sail our side bite fins are the best performing fins on the planet. Try it. Money back if you don't love it. They do everything better: faster, more control, turns are incredible. Combine that with our matching centers fins and you have a quad or tri that is amazing. Our center fins combine efficiency with high angle of attack performance which yields a fast, smooth, easy turning ride.

quad windsurfing fins


Customer Reviews....

"they add stability and speed and got rid of that dragging feeling and eliminated my board's twichyness at high speed, now it tracks great and allows me to stay in control.... first jibe and i discovered i can hold more speed through the gotta love gear that gives you confidence! thanks." Dave C.

"I threw them on my 72L cause it was nuking.  They held no problem, and I was so overpowered I was getting flattened. Felt 10 times better then the stock fins I was using on that board." CT


Windsurf Quad Sets
any size any box free shipping

Windsurf Tri Sets
any size any box free shipping

Windsurf Side bites sets for quad or tri
any size any box free shipping

SUP Surf Quad Sets
any size any box free shipping

SUP Surf Tri Sets
any size any box free shipping

SUP Surf Side bites sets for quad or tri
any size any box free shipping

Center fins for Quad, Tri or Single Windsurf of SUP
Single , Twin free shipping


What we do: We make Hi Performance, High quality Sup and Windsurf Fins. We also offer Fin Design and Engineering Services.

Why a Premium fin?: Wanna have more fun on the water? A premium precision foiled fin = easier to ride. They are more stable, turn better, create less drag, plane sooner, and hold speed thru a turn longer. Grip and drive without the drag.. Performance fin designs that make everything easier, and give your board a light and lively feel. Upgrade your fin and see what you've been missing.

How we do it: Designed, Tested and Made in USA. Fin Innovation sparked from a passion to make things better, designs grown from intuition and experience, perfected by science. Innovation that produces real world results. Our fins are CAD designed, CFD modeled, tested and precision CNC manufactured to exact tolerances that produce tangible performance gains. Immediate performance you can feel from the very first time you ride them.

Products: SUP Race Fins, Quad and Tri Windsurf fins, Windsurf Weed fins, SUP Surf Fins. call or email for a personal consultation. We specialize in SUP race fins that perform like no other, Quad and Tri windsurf fins that will amaze, Windsurf weed fins that perform better than non weed shapes and SUP surf fins that provide grip and drive with less drag like no other.
We innovate and verify. No guessing games here and no marketing baloney. Just premium fins for the best possible ride.

Design and Engineering Services: High quality Fin prototyping, Design, Modeling, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis and verification, CNC machining and precision finishing, Real world testing and confirmation of performance gain. .

Who we are: Keith McCulloch B.S.M.E. and Mike Wazenski PhD: Fin Designers and Engineers. Facebook page has latest updates and photos.
Check out our Facebook page for from the beach reports and photos
of our high performance fins in action.
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